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Eenie Meanie Miney Moe pick a Mustang or Camaro from a brick

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For as long as most people can remember Camaro’s and Mustangs have been rivals in the same demographic/market sector.


Lately one could well think Ford and Chevrolet have done a deal behind closed doors and called a truce.


Have the same design teams on-board.


Could this explain the indistinguishable ‘first glance’ appearances of the latest model?


Tell me honestly they don’t look similar?


Not only have Ford and Chevrolet failed to think outside the square they have embraced the ‘square’ concept.


Everything about the new Mustangs and Camaro’s are aesthetically lineal.


To be fair to the manufacturers probably much like their drivers.

1966 Ford Mustang versus 1966 Nissan Cedric

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This is the interior of a lesser-common 1966 Mustang that’s up for sale on Trade me for 30K.


Frankly there’s not a lot happening here that I can lump onto what are colloquially called ‘features’


The seller does tell us the vehicle has power steering which is a plus.


It’s the range of stuff that’s missing, what we would all now consider to be modern staples, I would like to highlight.


Not even a friggin’ radio or stereo!


Before you say “It was 1966 what the hell do you expect fella?!” I draw you attention to my second exhibit.



It’s the interior of a rare 1966 2.0 litre, 2000cc Nissan Cedric which is going for just $8,000 on Trade Me.


Let’s look at its features on the Nissan that came standard ex the factory in Japan.


Power steering, central heating with controls in the back for those seated there to adjust the levels, radio with sound controls, fag-lighter in the rear.  


Cripes the 1966 Nissan vehicle even comes with electric windows!


Clearly Mustang owners are happy with an interior and features akin to a fridge. The interior light does come-on when you open the door.


It must be the horse-power, ‘image’ the prospective Mustang owner is willing to pay extra for, eh?


I mean a Mustang has miles more muscle than its underpowered contemporary from Japan, eh? That’s the one we need to remember is less than a third of the price, way rarer and all-round better equipped.


The Mustang has 145BHP under the bonnet.


The Nissan has 115BHP so it’s no slug, would cruise amongst modern vehicles on our highways no problem.


All it needs is a re-paint and tyres.  


In the cold light of day you can’t avoid thinking there’s a Kiwi willing to pay 22 grand for an extra 30BHP of ‘muscle’?!


If you wanted a car that was going to appreciate, hold its purchase price, comes with all the bells and whistles the Cedric is better buying.


Objectively the Nissan is a superior vehicle.


But trying to explain this to a Mustang owner is like trying to tell a Harley rider a Kawasaki is superior bike - which it is.


Reptilian emotion over-rules rational thinking.


More photos of the Nissan....

Why do Modern American Muscle Cars look and perform with the same dynamics as Lego blocks on wheels?

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Have you also noticed the uniformity of modern American muscle car design, more correctly, the lack of design? The sudden need to compulsory cut-down the windows and passenger compartments? Looking below at the latest Chev Camaro (2011) Ford Mustang (2011) Dodge Challenger (2011) and you’ll see what I’m referring to.





Further, there is a sudden need to make muscle cars look like they’ve come off a tour at Desert Storm, darker than a Nick Cave score for a David Lynch movie. The nagging feeling General Schwartzkopf was on the design-team in Detroit.


Now as a true comparison take a look at the styling of a comparable range of Japanese vehicles in 2011. Exhibit A is the Nissan Skyline and B is The Mitsubishi Eclipse.




The Japanese vehicles design don’t just eclipse (pun intended) those droll Chev’s, Fords and Dodges they spank them like an Apache Helicopter taking to one of Sadam’s WW2 era tanks. 


Aesthetically in motoring terms America’s next top model, looks like the 3rd place getter in the 'Miss Tractor Queen Pageant' Trenton, Nebraska. 


Then we get to the other major deficiency of American performance vehicles – that’s to say their lack of performance versus their engine size.  


Here’s their respective times, in seconds (a.) zero to sixty miles per hour (b.) over a quarter mile:


1.) Nissan Skyline 2.9/11.1

2.) Mustang/Eclipse 4.5/13.0

3.) Camaro 4.8/13.0

4.) Challenger 6.3/14.7


Cripes the 2.4 litre, 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Eclipse performs at the same level as the fast American muscle car, the V-8/5 litre Ford Mustang!  


A 2011 ‘run of the mill’ executive Honda Accord is faster than a Dodge Challenger.  


An accountants 2011 Lexus LFA will take a second off the Mustangs quarter mile time.  


Sure if you are towing a 20 foot caravan every-where you drive, live high-up on a mountain-side a garden-variety American muscle-car would be a better performer. It’s just the normal daily motoring it can’t compete against a model from Japan in both the looks and performance.  



I can feel another American tax-payer bail-out coming-on.